CFOSAT pre-launch workshop

8 and 9 October 2018, Brest (France)


The aim of the workshop is to gather scientists interested in research related to the future use of the CFOSAT (China France Oceanography SATellite) observations.

CFOSAT is an innovative satellite mission, which will carry two radar instruments (SWIM and SCAT). It will be launched on October 29th, 2018.

By providing wind and wave vectors at the same time and at a global scale, CFOSAT will bring major information for various fields of research, especially on the atmosphere/ocean exchanges which are a main challenge for understanding the climate. CFOSAT will also bring useful data for atmospheric, wave or oceanic modeling and forecast and for climate monitoring of wind and wave fields.

Thanks to the new types of observations that it will provide (directional wave spectra), it will also be a key element to prepare future oceanographic satellite missions such as those devoted to surface current measurements.

CFOSAT is developed and will be exploited under a Chinese-French cooperation as agreed through the Chinese-French Memorendum of Understanding (MOU).

More generally, a strong partnership with the international scientific community is wished to maximize the scientific return.

The present workshop aims at gathering scientists of the international scientific community who wish to develop projects that will use CFOSAT data.

The main topics of the workshop will be on:

- CFOSAT data processing methods;

- preparation of the geophysical CAL/VAL (calibration/validation) activity

combined use of SWIM and SCAT observations

- scientific studies based on CFOSAT products

- synergetic use of CFOSAT products and data from other missions and sensors 

 - data assimilation in numerical models, operational model validation;

- links with future satellite missions





The workshop will take place on October 8th and 9th in Plouzané, a few kilometers from Brest city (France) in the building of Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (University of Bretagne Occidentale). It is organized with the support of CNES with help for local organization by colleagues from  LATMOS,  LOPS , and IUEM , and the support from their respective institutions.  

Oral or poster contributions must be submitted by using the menu on the left:

Deadline  September 14th , 2018

Registration is free of charge but mandatory (see left menu):

Deadline: September 14th, 2018   

Practical information

The workshop will be reachable from Brest city center. There are daily flights or trains from Paris.

list of hotels

Please do not wait too much before booking your hotel - demand is quite high at that time of the year

We can also offer you preferential rates in various hotels for that time period. Please contact the local organizer (see below) for more details.


- scientific organization: Daniele Hauser (LATMOS)

- local organization : Charles Peureux (LOPS)

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